Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) Single-ply commercial roofing system

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Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) Single-ply commercial roofing system

Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) Single-ply commercial roofing system

Health Benefits

TPO roofing can offer health benefits to the people in your commercial building and the people in surrounding buildings. This type of roofing offers excellent resistance to ozone, chemical, and ultraviolet exposure. Everyone can breathe easy as opposed to breathing the odors produced by tar roofs which can aggravate respiratory and lung conditions. Not only can the smell of tar affect individuals but the chemicals and fumes released from the asphalt can also increase the chance of a fire. Tar and gravel has been the common way of roofing commercial buildings. Tar and gravel has a typical Class C fire rating while TPO roofs usually carry a Class A rating. In addition to breathing and fire safety, your TPO roof will contribute to the health of the surrounding air by giving off less gas emissions, and less heat thus reducing your building’s carbon footprint.

Energy Benefits

Going green is easy and beneficial with a TPO roof. The membrane system resists UV rays and helps keep your building cool. The reflective surfaces in white, tan and gray go beyond the EPA’s Energy Star requirements. Most commercial TPO roofs are seen in one of these light tones, but TPO actually comes in a variety of colors. If you choose a dark color, or even black, latest technologies ensure that the TPO roof will still retain its reflective qualities and won’t soak in all that Texas heat. With dark tar roofs entire commercial areas become a concentrated source of heat. Imagine the difference if just one of these buildings was covered with an energy efficient TPO roof. Not only would the heat of that particular building be decreased, but it would help decrease the overall temperature of the commercial area. The advantages of this kind of roofing grow exponentially when considering a mall, shopping plaza, hospital, church, or any other flat-topped commercial building.

Financial Benefits

Due to the energy efficiency and modern construction, the TPO roof will save you money for years to come. Since the roof won’t be soaking in all that heat your cooling costs will significantly decrease. The need for repairs will also be reduced. TPO resists the buildup of dirt, mold growth, wind uplift, weather damage, and punctures. The wider sheets ensure that the majority of the roof has unbroken coverage, and the seams are wielded together which means fewer and fewer leaks. It’s also made to be flexible so it can adapt to a settling building, and thermal contractions and expansions. To top it off, the light weight sheets and decreased number of seams to wield translate to less work and installation time which directly saves you money.

So while the storms rage and temperatures rise toward summer, equip your commercial building with a roof that will keep people, the environment, and your bank account cool and comfortable.

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