Lindale Roof Repair and Hail Damage Services

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Lindale Roof Repair and Hail Damage Services

Lindale Roof Repair and Hail Damage Services

Lindale Roof Repair and Hail Damage Services for the Cascades Area, Hideaway Lake

Lindale Roof Repair – On April 29th, radar reported significant hail in the Cascades neighborhood in Tyler, as well as Lindale and Hideaway Lake.
If you think your roof may have suffered hail damage call the professionals at Stonewater Roofing at (903) 500-2843.

Why should you get your roof checked for hail damage?

The simple answer? Because it can be a lot more expensive not to. The shingles on your roof are actually made of multiple distinct layers. The bumpy granules on the surface protect the shingles from the day to day effects of the sun while the lower layers provide a surface to hold the shingle in place and function as a seal to keep the water safely outside.

When it hails, repeated strikes on your roofing shingles can chip away that protective layer. Without that top layer of granules, the fiberglass layer beneath becomes exposed and can flex and crack, almost like a dried out leaf from a tree. Those cracks let in water, and water, of course, causes all kinds of nasty problems. Long term damage from a hail storm can include mildew, pest infestations, harmful mold, and water damage to your home’s ceilings and walls.

If you’ve lived in East Texas for any length of time you know our weather can change on a whim. A day can start clear and beautiful only to have a powerful storm move in by lunch time. Did that bracing half hour storm that blew through a week or month or year ago have hail? Did you even have time to step outside and check?

Our professional inspectors can quickly spot the subtle signs of hail damage. In addition, we can check your roof for problems with your: Gutters, Flashings, Ventilation, Chimney, and Attic. We’ll give you a solid report on the condition of your roof and can help walk you through your re-roofing options in the event we do find damage.


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